Scottish Rural Awards 2020

Award Criteria

The Best Rural Innovation Award is designed to recognise innovation and entrepreneurship throughout rural Scotland.

Cruise Loch Ness won the Innovation Award at the Scottish Rural Awards 2019. From left: Dougie Vipond, Ronald Mackenzie, Andrew Hornall

Who can enter?

The Rural Enterprise and Innovation category is open to all individuals, small businesses and larger businesses operating in a rural environment. Nominees must have found success in developing an existing business or practice, successfully reinventing, reinterpreting or adapting an existing business or practice, or applying unique, innovative methods to an existing business or practice.

Most businesses nominate themselves but you can also nominate as a friend, family member or happy customer. Click on one of the purple buttons to begin.

What the judges are looking for:

The judges will look for ways in which the nominee stands out from the crowd and will ask the following questions:

Has the enterprise utilised innovative practices to save something that may otherwise have been lost, or saved something from disappearing from the rural map?

Is the business proactive in its operations?

How has the nominee used new technology to further their business?

Would winning this award reward a truly special enterprise and tell a positive story about rural life?