Scottish Rural Awards 2020

Award Criteria

Education is vital to a productive, progressive society. The Scottish Rural Awards is mindful of the many forms which education may take and aims to champion these at every possible opportunity. The Best Rural Skills Educator Award is not limited to formal education; vocational learning in rural skills is of particular interest to the Scottish Rural Awards judges.

Education Winner 2019, Breadalbane Academy. From left: Dougie Vipond, Dougie Woodrow, Heather Hamilton, Robert Scott-Dempster

Who can enter?

This award category welcomes entries relating to all styles and levels of both formal and informal education: schools, colleges and universities; youth clubs or groups; and employers who place a strong emphasis on vocational training through apprenticeships or other similar schemes.

Most businesses or centres of education nominate themselves but you can also nominate as a friend, family member or happy customer. Click on one of the purple buttons to begin.

What the judges are looking for:

The judges are looking for evidence that nominees have helped to develop and preserve skills for future generations in rural Scotland. The judges will be asking the following:

How has the nominee worked to provide opportunities and training for young people and adults?

Has the nominee used education in rural skills to drive forward real, positive social change?