Scottish Rural Awards 2020

Award Criteria

The SRA’s Most Sustainable Rural Business Award champions small and medium-sized businesses for promoting biodiversity, sustainability and conservation. Scotland’s diverse landscape is home to a multitude of resources, and it has never been more crucial to ensure that these are safeguarded in a sustainable manner for the future.

KIMO UK were the winners of the Conservation and the Environment Award 2019. From left: Dougie Vipond, Faron Mclellan

Who can enter?

This category is open to entries from all types of conservation businesses, including environmental conservation, animal conservation and marine conservation. Businesses whose primary concerns lie in the green energy, land mapping, ethical estate management, forestry or heritage preservation industries may also enter this category, as well as any other businesses which place a key emphasis on promoting environmental best practice.

Most businesses nominate themselves but you can also nominate as a friend, family member or happy customer. Click on one of the purple buttons to begin.

What the judges are looking for:

Judges will be looking for evidence that nominees have a proactive approach to enhancing the landscape of rural Scotland by methods of sustainability, protection, rescue, introduction or reorganisation. The judges will be asking the following:

How does the nominee strive to promote sustainability?

How does the nominee strive to promote biodiversity?

Does the nominee go above and beyond their line of duty to enhance the Scottish countryside for the benefit of all?