Scottish Rural Awards 2020

Award Criteria

The SRA’s Rural Business Diversification Award is for businesses who are thriving by adapting, re-focusing or even changing direction to keep up with the times and ahead of the competition. It is aimed at rural businesses that have altered their strategy and adapted to the pressures in their industry – not only to thrive but to succeed, to the benefit of the wider community.

Westfield Farms won the Business Diversification Award in 2019. From left: Dougie Vipond, John Sorrie, Sheryl Macauley

Who can enter?

This award category is open to all rural businesses who have found success by diversifying, expanding or transforming their business model and/or products.

Most businesses nominate themselves but you can also nominate as a friend, family member or happy customer. Click on one of the purple buttons to begin.

What the judges are looking for:

The judges will look for evidence that a business has changed its direction or primary focus to stay ahead of the competition. They will be asking the following:

Has the nominee brought about a successful business diversification project?

How has the nominee thought outside the box?

How has the nominee dealt with pressures and hurdles in business?